Dr. Alexander T. Nguyen - Lymphedema Specialist

Lymphedema is a medical condition marked by swelling in one of your arms or legs, however it can occur in both arms or both legs. It can have numerous causes, but the reason for it stems from a blockage in the lymphatic system that doesn’t allow for proper drainage. When the fluid builds up, the affected areas swell and can bring about serious health concerns.

Dr. Alexander Nguyen is the leading specialist in lymphedema care in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. As the head of the Integrative Lymphedema Institute, Dr. Nguyen offers a number of treatments to combat lymphedema from physical compression therapy to surgery.

Dr. Nguyen is internationally renowned for his knowledge, skill and expertise in lymphodema treatments. If you’re suffering with lymphedema due to obesity, damaged or removed lymph nodes, or any other reason, please do not hesitate to contact Integrative Lymphedema Insititute today.

Integrative Lymphedema Institute

The Integrative Lymphedema Institute (ILI) is dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of lymphedema and lymphatic disorders through innovative techniques, which are integrated with traditional therapies, and advanced by cutting-edge research and technology.

Suffering from Lymphedema or lymphatic disorders? Dr. Nguyen offers the latest in surgical and non-surgical treatments for Lymphedema in Dallas, Texas. Discover your options.

The Five Pillars of the Integrative Lymphedema Institute

With a mission of providing unparalleled innovative care to reduce the impact of lymphedema and other lymphatic disorders, the Institute achieves its goal of comprehensive lymphedema management by integrating these five pillars: patient, therapy, the physician, family, and research. Contact us today if you’re suffering with lymphedema and begin the road to better health tomorrow!

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